CSCS Mock Test 1

Go to our first CSCS Mock Test and start practicing for your test immediately. No registration just straight forward questions and answers to help you practice for your cscs test online

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CSCS Mock Test 2

Having a cscs card is a vital asset for anyone working or who wants to work in the construction industry, here’s another cscs mock exam to help prepare you for your Health Safety and Environment Test.

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CSCS Mock Test 3

Most construction sites will require their workers to possess a valid cscs card, to get a cscs card you must pass the CITB Health safety and environment test. Here are some simple cscs practice questions.

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CSCS Mock Test

Congratulations: you’re now one step closer to passing your cscs test! To ensure you get all the practice you need, we have prepared some FREE CSCS Mock Test Questions that cover all the health and safety topics you’re likely to encounter on your test day.
Our CSCS Test questions are very similar to the ones in the real test so you can practice and be confident when taking your real test and best of all Our CSCS practice questions are totally, completely, 100% FREE. There are no hidden fees and no need to sign up so you can start practicing for your CSCS test immediately. See all our CSCS Mock Tests Now

CSCS Test Overview

The CSCS or Construction Skill Certification Scheme was developed in the mid 1990s to educate workers on the basics of health in safety within the construction industry. To date, more than 1 million people have undergone the cscs test and with more and more construction sites demanding their workers undergo the test it’s likely to see that number double shortly.

The test itself consists of 50 questions divided into two parts. The first part would be the multiple choice section which consists of 38 health and safety questions, for each question you will be required to select either one or multiple answers depending on the question requirements. The second part is the behavioural case study questions; these are made up of 12 questions that test your reaction to safety critical situations onsite. Start practicing for your cscs test online now.

To get a cscs card you must pass the CITB Health Safety and Environment test within the last 2 years, this test costs £17.50 and the actual cscs card costs £30 inclusive of VAT. After successfully completing the test you’ll need to fill out the cscs card application form for your specific type of cscs card and post it in then wait for your card to be delivered.

How to Pass your CSCS Test

Passing your cscs test is no different from passing any other test, you’ll need to revise the common topics covered in the test and you’ll need to familiarize yourself with some practice questions. Here’s our 4 step rule to passing the cscs test:

notebook_pencilThe first step to gaining your cscs cards comes through old fashion revision methods, before taking the test you will need to familiarize yourself with the core topics covered in the test. The official cscs revision book provides all the health and safety questions and answers for everyone from site operatives all the way to managers.

laptopThe second step to passing your Health Safety and Environment test is practice, utilizing our cscs mock test questions will help prepare you for the real test by giving you an insight as to what the questions will look like and the level of difficulty you’re likely to encounter.

movieThe third requirement for passing the cscs test is to watch the setting out video, this short video explains what you can expect from the construction industry and what they can expect from you. This video will provide the foundation for the behavioural case study questions.

checklistThe final step is all up to you, just stay calm and go back to your revision notes and practice questions just before the test. Keep practicing for your cscs test online until you feel confident enough to book your test.

CSCS Mock Test 4

To pass your Health safety and environment test you’ll need as much practice as possible, here are some simple and not so simple cscs test questions and answers to get you prepared for your real test.

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CSCS Mock Test 5

Start preparing for your cscs test with our free cscs mock test questions. When practicing online you’ll need questions that are similar or even identical to the real cscs test questions

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CSCS Mock Test 6

Test your knowledge with our free cscs mock test questions, this test covers some of the most common questions from the Legal and Management section of the cscs test book.

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CSCS Mock Test 7

Prepare for your cscs test with these fire safety questions, they’re practically identical to the real cscs test questions. Learn about fire extinguishers and fire safety procedures on a construction site.

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  • admin

    August 5, 2014 |

    It is relatively straight forward but don’t take it too lightly as many have failed before. Revision is key.

  • Jamie

    August 5, 2014 |

    The CSCS test is generally easy especially for people who’ve worked on building sites before. Thanks for the practice questions.